Photos Taken On The Day Including Memorabilia

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School's Out Forever - Sign Boys' High School Jacket Boys' High School Pocket High School Banner Boys' High School Sign
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High School Quilt Emblem on chair donated by the Year 1973 boys The chair donated by the Year 1973 boys Plaque on the chair Trophies
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Enter To learn
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Leave To Serve
Flag from pre co-ed days Enter To Learn - Leave To Serve - Plaques Modernised School Entrance - 1974 - showing plaques Plaques originally on entrance to school
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Corridor down "A" block to what was once Room 8 Sign made by students Letters formerly on building Moe trophies Emblem made by students
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Vaucluse High School Blazer Lumen Magazines Lumen Magazines Lumen Magazines Lumen Magazines
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Lumen Magazines Lumen Magazines Year Books Various Trophies Cadet Unit sign @ 1970
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Winners - Debating - Hume Barbour Trophy
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Various Trophies Cricket Cap The School Song , invitations & "All About Vaucluse Boys' High" Murray Goot, Ivan Goldberg, Geoff Caine, Philip Segal Royal Empire Society - Public Speaking Competition
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Plaque to commemorate Opening on 30 June, 1961 Official Opening Friday 30 June 1961 Official Programme for opening of School Original School Song
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The Punishment Book - see separate section VHS Certificate of Merit Honour award  VHS Prefect's Invitation Trophy
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H K Harris - Principal 
1961 - 1971
Official Painting
1983 Captain, Vice Captain, Prefect Do you want to become school captain or prefect? Memorabilia for sale David Tomlin
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Browsing the photo albums Memorabilia items were set up in the library - one of the highlights of the day Catching up with old mates
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Sharni showing off her school uniform Bands played  music in the hall We estimated well over 2,000 people turned up for the farewell day An old blackboard
 (Why are they green?)
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The Hall Mozaic Tiled Plaque donated by Year of 1972 Nick Wolf 
Main Reunion Organiser
Julia Meare
President of the P & C
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The hall was full for the speeches David Tomlin & Julia Meare Peter Hourigan
Retired Headmaster
David Tomlin, Peter Horigan, Sharni van de Weyer, Daisy Theeman Robert Goot, Nick Wolf
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Daisy Theeman
Year 12
Robert Goot David Tomlin Musical Treats One of many renditions of the School Song - accompanied by Robert Teischer

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